Terms - Rules of Participation

Terms - Rules of Participation


1. By submitting the application form, the exhibitor undertakes to observe the Rules of Participation without reservation.
2. The participation regulations, any modifications, additions or cancellations thereof, the application form and the letter of concession by the organizers constitute the contract between the exhibitor and the organizers.
3. Organizers have the exclusive right to approve or reject any application and are not required to provide supporting evidence for their decision.
4. The exhibitor for his participation is validly filling in the participation form in the exhibition, which is returned to the organizer signed and must be accompanied by the amount of the deposit equal to 50% of the stand value. Payment is made by paying the remaining 50% by 16 October 2020 at the latest.


1. Companies from Cyprus and abroad who produce, import and market products from the following categories:
• Food & Beverages • Jams, Jams, Honey, Halva, Tahini
• Dairy & Cheese products • Wines, Beverages, Spirits
• Olive Oil, Olives & Olive Products • Coffee, Drinks, Beer
• Traditional products • Water, Juices, Soft Drinks
• Organic Food & Beverages • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
• Meat, Meat products, Sausages • Dressings, Sauces, Dips
• Frozen Food & Vegetables • Spices, Spices, Herbs
• Catch, Salt, Fish • Hotel Equipment & Furniture
• Ready Meals & Delicatessen • Foodservice Machinery & Equipment
• Canned Foods • Construction & Renovation
• Pasta, Cereals, Pulses • Food Service
• Dough products, Pastries • POS Consumables
• Ice Creams, Sweets • Professional Cars
• Sugar, Nuts

and other product or service companies that the Organizers believe are relevant to the report.
2. The organizers define the range of products / services covered by the exhibition and retain the exclusive right to decide whether a product / service can be exhibited in the exhibition or not.


1. The organizers have the sole responsibility for allocating the exhibition space. The participation fees (bills) for each stand are listed in the application form. Charges include the space and construction of the base stand and basic equipment.
2. Space allocation is made in priority order and is interrupted when all spaces are completed.
3. Exhibitors shall be informed in writing (Stall Certificate) of the space allocated and the relevant charge. Any objection to the showroom or billing being given must be communicated to the organizers within 7 days of the written notice of the concession otherwise the exhibitor will be deemed to accept the organizers’ decision.
4. If necessary, either for the grouping of exhibitors or for the proper functioning of the exhibition, the organizers are entitled to make changes in the space granted, either in terms of their size or position. This will not entitle the exhibitor to withdraw or display any claim.
5. The transfer, assignment or assignment of rights to third parties for part or all of the space given without the information and approval of the organizers is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to exchange spaces between exhibitors without the written permission of the Organizers.
6. The organizers are responsible for the construction and installation of the “Stand/Booth”. Exhibitors are prohibited from making any changes to the site. Exhibitors cannot build their showroom with a company of their own choice.
7. In any event of cancellation by the exhibitor, whenever this cancellation is made and for any reason whatsoever due, even in cases of force majeure, money is not refunded by the organizers and the exhibitor is obliged to indemnify the organizers with the value of the whole of its agreed stake and any other damage it may suffer.


1. The right to participate and all other charges shall be subject to Value Added Tax as provided by the Law.
2. The participation fee for “FoodPanorama & Cyprus HoReCa Expo 2020” is €120 + VAT per square meter.
3. The minimum exhibition space available is 6 m².
4. A basic booth (6 sq. Meters) includes a perimeter masonry of 2.50 m height, a roof grid, a metopes, a metaphor with the name of the exhibitor, lighting / 1 spotlight every 3.00m² and a double socket. Each booth will also include a bench, two stools and a waste bin.
5. Details of the stand specifications as well as the additional equipment and furniture available to the organizers at specified prices will be communicated to the exhibitors on a special form to be sent. Exhibitors who wish to differentiate their showroom or have a special decoration outside their stand, which may affect the uniformity of the exhibition, must ensure the approval of the Organizers.
6. The participation fee also covers:
• Advertising and projection of the exhibition
• Entry in the printed list of the exhibition
• Cleaning of showrooms and communal areas and corridors
• Supervised staff and technicians to ensure the smooth operation of the exhibition


1. The right to participate is calculated for all square meters granted to the exhibitor, regardless of whether he will use part of the space.
2. Applications must be accompanied by a 50% payment of the stand as an advance payment. Applications not accompanied by an advance payment will not be considered. This amount will not be refunded if your participation is canceled. The remaining 50% must be repaid by 16 October 2020 at the latest.
3. For bank transfers any bank charges are charged to the exhibitor (sender) and not to the organizer (recipient). The exhibitor is not entitled to deny payment of the right to participate due to any claim against the Promoter in relation to this agreement, or to raise any objection to any justified additional charges.

F. SERVICES (Electricity, Internet and Freight Transport)

1. An electric installation and a free power supply will be provided at each booth.
2. The internet connection is also optional and may be requested by the organizers upon written request, who will inform the exhibitor of the costs involved. Upon written request and installation of the service, the exhibitor cannot withdraw his request and request credit of the relevant charge.
3. Organizers reserve the right to disconnect any installations that have been made without their approval.
4. With the aim of facilitating exhibitors from abroad, the organizer of the exhibition ensured cooperation and proposes a company for the transport and customs clearance of the goods. But in any case the person responsible for receiving the exhibits, will only be the exhibitor himself or an authorized person.


1. Exhibitors must apply the regulations, otherwise the organizers are entitled to immediately close the exhibition stand, who will not be able to make any claims.
2. The exhibitor shall be solely responsible for the conduct of his employees and for any damage to persons or objects caused by the fault of the employee, his employees or the condition of his stand.
3. The exhibitor is obliged to move his exhibits immediately after the end of the exhibition, within the timeframes to be set by the Organizers and will be notified by a relevant circular.
4. If the exhibitor wishes to make demonstration of machines on site, etc. he must report it and obtain the written permission of the organizers.
5. The exhibitor should send information on the exhibitors list at least 2 weeks prior to the exhibition. Otherwise, information will be used on the exhibitor’s official website if available.


1. Causing any form of nuisance to exhibitors and the public.
2. Advertising at the expense of another exhibitor, as well as the one not related to the exhibition and the exhibits, and the advertising of third-party products.
3. Placing ads on the outer sides of the stands.
4. Distribution of promotional material outside of the space provided.
5. The placement of objects outside the space provided or in a way that protrudes or in a manner that affects the smooth functioning of the exhibition or which directs the public.
6. Providing space to third parties for product reporting.
7. The exhibition / promotion of products / services other than those mentioned in full in the application form and included in the official list of the exhibition.


1. The exhibitor is solely responsible for any damage to exhibits and any other elements from fire, theft, damage, loss or damage due to water leakage or damage due to any fire-fighting actions.
2. The exhibitor is responsible for any accidents and / or accidents involving employees or exhibitors, visitors to his booth or neighboring kiosks that may occur due to the operation of machines or for any reason connected with his participation. At the same time, it is responsible for any damage or accident caused by its participation for which it is responsible or any person receives instructions and / or instructions from him and affects the assets, furniture and buildings belonging to the organizers and any third party.
3. The organizers will not be held responsible for the risks described in paragraphs 1 and 2 above and the exhibitor is not entitled to any claim regardless of the reasons that would create such risks.
4. Exhibitors must obtain insurance coverage:
• against third parties to cover accidents for which they or their staff will be responsible.
• against all risks (all risk) that will cover the exhibits of assets and stands whether they belong to themselves or to third parties.
• for expenses that you may incur as a result of not holding or postponing the report for any reason.
• insurance of motor vehicles for cover against a third party due to the use of a motor vehicle in the exhibition area for any purpose.
5. The Police, the Fire Brigade and the Organizers shall have the right to issue instructions on the safety of the site and the exhibitors shall comply with the instructions and shall not prevent in any way the access of the representatives of the above services to systems fire extinguishers, emergency exits, etc.
6. Exhibitors must ensure that machinery or other objects are adequately protected to prevent accidents.
7. The safety exits of the booths must always be free and be free from obstruction, use by any objects.


1. The organizers are responsible for advertising and viewing the Exhibition. Organizations, Municipalities, Chambers or companies that wish to do so, will be able to advertise independently in the Exhibition.


The Organizers will ensure that the Catalog is issued for the Exhibition.
1. The exhibitors will be given a free copy.
2. The registration of names of exhibitors and exhibits is free of charge. The list will only include exhibitors who have continuously filled in the application form and returned it to the Organizers’ offices in time.


1. The organizers shall not be held responsible if, for reasons of force majeure or for reasons not attributable to the organizers, the exhibition is definitively canceled, the organizers are not responsible for compensation of the exhibitor. In any case, the organizers reserve the right to postpone, cancel or even to set another time and space of the exhibition. Notification of this change to exhibitors does not entitle them to raise any claim against the organizers or to request cancellation of participation. Claims for damages in such cases or for release from the contract will not be accepted.
2. The organizers are not responsible for the protection of exhibits in general, materials, furniture, decorations or any construction work within the premises granted, nor for their loss, deterioration, destruction or theft, both during preparation and during operation of the Report and after its expiry.
3. Transmission or reception (radio, television, radio communication equipment on exhibition grounds by exhibitors is not permitted).
4. The use of music or songs on the exhibition grounds by exhibitors is prohibited.
5. No animals are allowed to enter the exhibition premises.
6. Smoking is prohibited within the exhibition area. Exhibitors have sole responsibility within their stands for compliance with this prohibition and for fines that may arise in any check.
7. No oral agreement with the participants is considered strong and does not bind the organizers unless they are validated in writing.


1. Organizers have the right to use photographs and make use of video footage from display exhibits and stands for display purposes.
1. The exhibitor, upon submitting his application, undertakes to observe all the terms of the Regulations. In the event of an offense, the Organizers reserve their right to take action, including the exclusion of the exhibitor from this exhibition, or from future exhibitions and the closure of his stand without any compensation.
2. The Organizers reserve the right to any matter not governed by these regulations or by the laws of the State.
3. With the insurance cover referred to in paragraph “I”, the organizers, officers and management must be exempted from any requirement of any person.
4. The validity of the insurance cover shall commence from the day of the first entry of the exhibitor or his employees to the exhibition area until their departure.
5. The exhibitor shall insure and indemnify organizers against any losses they may suffer as a result of the loss of property, death or injury of any person (including exhibitors, the public and the staff of the Organizers or agents or contractors) a restriction or a condition that prevents the construction, completion of modification or disassembly of stands or stands, or for the insertion, installation, or export of exhibits or for the interruption or malfunction of the exhibition, or to modify it, or supplement these regulations from any reason beyond the control of.
6. The courts of Cyprus will be responsible for any dispute that may arise.

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