9-10 NOVEMBER 2019


The International Cooking Competition will be held on November 9-10, 2019 at the International State Fair during the International Food, Beverage, Wine, Spirit and Professional Equipment “FoodPanorama & Cyprus HoReCa Expo 2019”.

Analytical program with the participants and time of competition per category will be announced two weeks before the competition per category.

The international Cooking Competition will be open to the public to watch the whole procedure.

The International Cooking Competition is organized by:


The best Professional Chefs will be for 2 days at the International State Fair in Nicosia to offer an impressive spectate.

You can manage in the pressure of time creating dishes with secret ingredients?  You can stand out from a competition environment, away from your team in your kitchen with your own ingredients? Do you have that natural talent and understanding of taste?

Then you can participate on the “Mystery Box”, a box with unknown ingredients, where you will have to improvise and present an original main dish and desert. You will have at your disposal only the ingredients presented in the “Mystery Box”.

The Professional Chefs will have 55 minutes to make 2 main dishes, one for the discretionary committee and one for presentation, and also 2 deserts one for the committee and one for the presentation.

Participation Fee: €15.00


Students of higher schools have the right to participate as equals for the purpose of upgrading their business knowledge and technical skills and exchange of valuable experiences at the application table.

The best chef coming from culinary art colleges are invited to promote the Mediterranean cuisine, to engage their imagination and creativity, in order to impress the distinguished Chefs who will be the committee, with two dishes. 1st basic ingredients is Mollusca (squid. Octopus, cuttlefish) and the 2nd with a creative desert with filo pastry.    

Emphasis will be placed on the skills involved in the technique of cooking, presentation and taste. The students will be called to present two main dishes one for the committee and one for presentation.

Precooking is not allowed. The whole procedure of preparation must be on spot.

The contestants must have the recipe typed in two copies and at the time of the contest will hand in the one copy to the responsible person of the committee. They will have 45 minutes to prepare 2 dishes with basic ingredients Mollusca, one for the committee and one for presentation and another 45 minutes to prepare 2 dishes of creative desert out of filo as a basic ingredient, one for the committee and one for preparation.

Participation Fee: €10.00


If you are students and age 6-12 come and meet the traditions of our country and the forgotten traditional tastes of Cyprus cuisine and confectionary.

The purpose of this competition category is to get familiar with the ingredients, the taste and smell of the Mediterranean diet and also to appreciate in the process the value of a healthy homemade food and desert.

It is required that all ingredients are Cypriot and the finishing process and presentation be on the spot. All ingredients will be allowed to be precut or precooked.

The participants will have to have the recipe typed in two copies and during the contest they give one copy to the person responsible for the committee. They will have 45 minutes to prepare the two dishes one for the committee and one for presentation.

Participation Fees: : €5,00


If you are children of 5 years of age and have a passion for sweets, come to create a love story and search with basic ingredients sugar and imagination.  To experiment and match together ingredients, to your own recipe of sweet which will be prepared on the spot.

You are allowed to bring with you ready sweets and decorate them on the spot with the art of confectionary. The children will have 30 minutes to complete their creation. Children can work in teams or individually and must be accompanied during the competition with at least one adult where they can help with the process. Fire and any type of heat will not be allowed for security reasons.

All the children participating at the competition will receive a certificate of participation.

Cost of Entry: FREE!!!!

Cost of Entry: FREE!!!!

Is cooking your passion? Do your family or friends congratulate you on your cooking? Do you get inspired by traditional or modern ways and experiment on Middle Eastern cuisine? 

Escape from your everyday routine and come join the competition for amateur cooks.

The preparation process for your food recipe will be done on the spot.

The participants must have their recipe typed in two copies and at the time of the competition must hand in one copy to the person responsible for the committee. Participants will have 45 minutes to prepare 2 main dishes (main course) one for the committee and one for presentation.

Participation Fee: €10.00

Process and Registration costs

PARTICIPATIONS: The participants can send their application forms through email at:

DEADLINE: The deadline for all participants is October 11th 2019. About the different categories of participation, a series of priorities will be followed, taking into account he date and submission of the application.

The organizer retains the right to cancel any category or limit the number of contestants or extend, modify or cancel any of the terms without being considered responsible for any claim for damages.





Bank Transfer 
All payments must be made at the following account:
IBAN: CY02009002060002062200122706

Please send the payment confirmation at the email address:

PARTICIPATION FEE: is not refundable if the competition is cancelled for reasons beyond the organizers control or if the contestant withdraws from the competition. The fee is detained to cover up administrative expenses..

Supplies and Equipment

Supplies and Equipment from the Participants:

All food (including herbs and spices), personal tools, equipment including knives, pots etc.

Supplies and equipment from the organizers:

Kitchen, Fridge and Freezer, Working benches, Faucet with cold water.

Ingredients from the “Mystery Box” are excluded.


Degree of Difficulty

0,5 – 16 points


0,5 – 25 points

Combination of ingredients and use of ingredients

0,5 – 16 points


0,5 – 16 points


0,5 – 27 points

The maximum general point average is 100

Awards and Attestations


The awards will be awarded based on the level of success. Where no achievement will be awarded.

GOLD MEDAL AWARD                                    (90-100 points)

SILVER MEDAL AWARD                               (80-89 points)    

BRONZE MEDAL AWARD                               (70-79 points)

ATTESTATION- PRAISE                                  (60-69 points)

General Terms and Regulations

  • The competition is OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS, preschool students, students 6-12 years, culinary art technical school students, culinary art college students, professional chefs in the catering industry such as hotels, restaurant, catering, and amateur cooks. Students of public and private schools must have certificate of attendance from their school.
  • The organizer has the right to cancel, change or add any condition or rule. Amendment or change is final.
  • The organizer has the right to cancel or postpone or modify the duration the time or the program of the exhibition.
  • The organizer is in no case responsible for any loss or damage of exhibits, plates or personal belongings. However preventive measures will be taken to prevent losses and floods.
  • The exhibitors and contestants in the 1st International Culinary Contest assign all rights that concern menus recipes, videos, photos, sound advertisement etc. to Unity Expo.
  • All the contestants in categories Culinary Art College Students, Professional Chefs and the assistance must wear a cooks uniform (jeans are not allowed) with a wicker during the contest and the award ceremony (will be taken into account by the committee).
  • Sign up: (1) hour before the competition.
  • Identifiers: For the best and fair evaluation we suggest there are no hotel and restaurant logos including logos on the uniform. The contestants can place and show company logos only after the removal of the committee.
  •  In case of non-compliance during the contest with the general terms and conditions or the presentation of specific problems that were not foreseen, only the organizational committee is responsible to take care of relevant issues and find suitable solutions.  
  • The organizer has the right to stop and exclude any team that does not comply before, during or after the contest with the consent of the chief committee.
  • If all reasonable pronounces are in order for the safety of dishes and equipment and personal belongings, the organizer will not be responsible for any lost or damage. The contestants are advised to secure suitably their plates and exhibits.
  • All exhibits must be recorded before the exhibition. It is strictly forbidden to display any logo, name or advertisement that identifies any company or the contestant. Every exhibit must be delivered to the coordinator of the presentation. Everything must be eatable.  


In case of non-compliance with the general terms and conditions the committee have the right to impose sanctions which will vary and points will be deducted from one (-1) to (-10) points. Factors that are causes of sanctions:

    • Uniforms, work place and equipment must be clean during and after the work.
    • Non-compliance with time limits.
    • Non-compliance with presentation time if it is repeated and for no reason.
    • Unacceptable behavior towards the committee.
    • Unacceptable behavior towards the other teams.
    • For every minute delayed there will be deduction of 1 point and for every delay of 10 minutes there will be exclusion.


  • The members of the committee are recognized professional in the art of gastronomy of Cyprus and abroad. The point given by every member of the committee is a personal and final result calculated from the head of committee. The decision of the committee is final and irrevocable.


  • All the food exhibits will be judged on the day of their entry. The contestants will have to avoid conversing with the committee before and during the contest.
  • One of the basic evaluation criteria is the presentation card of ingredients and method that must be presented. Short descriptions of the procedures should be provided in an exemplary and clean manner.
  • The contestant should avoid placing food on the edge of the plates or in a non-elegant way and must follow the hygiene rules.


  • The results will be announced at the closing ceremony. Please inform the secretary if there are any mistakes in your personal data.
  • The awards will be given during the closing ceremony where the contestants of Culinary Art Technical Scholl Students, Culinary Art College Students and Professional Chefs, are asked to come to the honor stage in their professional uniforms. The contest who receive awards are asked to wear cooking clothes during the awards.