Special Events


Date: Saturday 8/12/2018 - Venue: Pavilion Hall, Nicosia, Cyprus

The aim of this conference is to provide with information on:

  1. All developments (business, legislation) on issues related to religious certification
  2. The existing tools for exploiting the export possibilities in uprising kosher and halal markets.

Interested companies:  All food and food ingredients manufacturers regardless of the exact products that they are producing.

Who should attend:

  • Senior Management as well as Exports, QA and R&D Managers of food manufacturers
  • Senior staff of Hotels and companies involved in food service and tourism.

The participants will get a basic knowledge on the theory of both religious certifications, the issues regarding their practical implementations and the opportunities that come from the rapidly expanding markets of both halal and kosher.

The following slide explains the importance of those two market sectors compared to the global food & beverage consumption and the market of organic products.

Speakers:  3 specialists in the fields of exports, kosher certification and halal certification will be presenting the above mentioned topics:


Mr Thomas Vassaras MBA


GREEKEXPORTS – Exports Consultants (Greece)

The business of halal food and kosher food and their expansion worldwide. Where are the markets and why are they so appealing?

Dr Taxiarchoula Magra




Laboratory tests needed to conclude the absence of substances not allowed in halal food.

To be determined

An existing halal certified company (preferably from Cyprus or Greece) will present the benefits obtained by the halal certification


Gastronomy Forum

During the FoodPanorama Expo & Oinoyeuseis 2018 Exhibition an International Gastronomy Forum will be held, which will be attended by visitors and exhibitors at the exhibition.

During the two days of the exhibition at the FoodPanorama Expo & Oinoyeuseis, in front of the special area, public stand and food specialists, with love for the tradition,  continuous live cooking will be held and presentations of local products and traditional recipes from all over Cyprus, Greece and foreign countries. The distinguished chef Christos Christodoulou will present well-known chefs throughout the preparation of their unique dishes.

For the first time, there will be a Refugee Food Forum, which aims to bring together refugee communities and host communities to emerge the multi-faceted culinary talents of refugees.

 This initiative has the ultimate goal of positively changing the perception of the public towards refugees by bringing together people from different areas around a table, thanks to the ecumenical attachment that creates sharing your food with other people.

 It is our concern that chefs participating in the Refugee Food Forum will start working in the field of focus in their host country, Cyprus, as a result of their social and professional networking.

The International Gastronomy Forum aims to attract local and foreign visitors who love good food and experience different gastronomy experiences.