International Fair of Wine and Spirits "Oinoyeuseis"

Included at the Expo will be the leading international wine and distilleries exhibitor in Cyprus “Oinoyeuseis”, which is a specialised exhibition on wine and spirits. A journey full of aromas and flavours, a unique experience for professionals and lovers of this category.

The exhibition “Oinoyeuseis” will give exhibitors the opportunity to present their products and to come into contact with representatives from the retail, wholesale, mass catering, coffee and beverage distribution as well as with important buyers from Cyprus and abroad, customers who are wine-lovers and Somelliers from important wine markets abroad. The Exhibition “Oinoyeuseis” will prove to be an annual landmark for exhibitors and visitors.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to have productive meetings with many Cypriot and foreign buyers and lay the foundations for future co-operation, but also to enter into direct trading.

Through the “Oinoyeuseis” exhibition, winemakers and distillers will be given the opportunity to broaden their export horizons and enhance the outward-looking orientation of their businesses.
They will also have the opportunity to expand their clientele with new customers from both the Cypriot and international markets, to develop and strengthen the product distribution network and enhance their corporate image.

The “Oinoyeuseis” exhibition will give visitors the opportunity to taste wines and spirits at exhibitors’ stalls as well as at the dedicated Wine Tasting Area, where everyone will be able to find a collection of wines and spirits to try from all the exhibitors.

Wine-making, wine distilleries, distilleries, distilleries and distilleries are involved as exhibitors in the Exhibition “Oinoyeuseis”.
Visitors of the exhibition “Oinoyeuseis” will come from the following branches: Wine and Spirits Wholesale and Distribution, Supermarket, Mini market and Discount market, Hotels, Restaurants and catering companies, wine cellars, wine bars and delicatessen etc.

The participation of each exhibitor ensures him unique opportunities such as:
– The expansion of its clientele with new customers
– Prospects for trade agreements
– Meetings with buyers from major international markets
– Opportunities for trading
– Direct communication with important buyers from Cyprus and abroad
– Strengthening corporate image
– Ability to receive orders during the exhibition.

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