Foodpanorama expo


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Cyprus HoReCa Expo 2020


The 3rd exhibition "FoodPanorama Expo and Oinoyeuseis (International Wine & Spirits Exhibition) 2020", the largest and most unique exhibition in Cyprus, is an annual event organized by UNITYEXPO. The exhibition is the most important business and communication platform for the industry, a unique opportunity for those involved in the food and drink sector to meet, discuss, negotiate and trade. The forthcoming exhibition "FoodPanorama Expo and Oinoyeuseis 2020" will give everyone involved in the food and beverage industry the opportunity to present their products to professionals in the fields of catering, distribution, import and sales. Cyprus, being at the crossroads of three continents; Europe, Africa and Asia, is the focus of all the countries in the region. The aim of FoodPanorama Expo 2020 is to attract keen interest from Cypriot professionals as well as foreign buyers coming from target markets from all over the world. The exhibition will give exhibitors the opportunity to present their products and their businesses to the general public as the exhibition will be open to everyone.


Included at the Expo will be the leading international wine and distilleries exhibitor in Cyprus "Oinoyeuseis", which is a specialized exhibition on wine and spirits. A journey full of aromas and flavors, a unique experience for professionals and lovers of this category.


Cyprus HoReCa Expo 2020

An international platform for the hospitality equipment industry, food and gastronomy. The synergies between FoodPanorama Expo & Oinogeuseis 2020 and Cyprus HoReCa Expo 2020, two of the most important trade fairs in their respective sectors, create one of the largest international platforms for the food and hospitality industry which manages to address all the demands and needs of the Horeca segment with the most cross-cutting and comprehensive offering. This unique positioning translates into a hugely international and innovative event that will enable exhibitors to generate new and bigger business opportunities and facilitate their international expansion.


Halal Expo is the first and only trade fair of Food and Beverages Halal in Cyprus. We present a great opportunity for international and local business in the Halal industry to promote their products and services in the markets of Cyprus and international markets as well as to help their business acquire more business opportunities. Whether you have a small or huge business, brand new or established, you create your own Halal products and we will show you the right place to offer your products.


“FoodPanorama Expo & Oinoyeuseis” 2020 aims at attracting both business and professional consumers and the wider consumer community, which will be supported by a large and dynamic communication plan with a targeted communication strategy that includes multifaceted and meaningful media advertising , sending emails, sending printed and electronic invitations to marketers and industry professionals, viewing and promoting the report from an online campaign (in portal & social media, Google ads and Newsletters with news reports). The report also implements a special PR and press office. Our communication policy focuses on professionals, traders, investors as well as the general public. The promotion of the exhibition will take place both in Cyprus and internationally. Our vision is that “FoodPanorama Expo & Oinoyeuseis” 2020 will become an international benchmark and for this will be used all modern projection media.